by Antecantamentum

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released September 12, 2014

Lyrics for "Filius Diaboli" corrected by Ben Myers.



all rights reserved


Antecantamentum Long Beach, California

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Track Name: Antecantamentum I
Overture I
Track Name: Sacramentum Tenebrarum
"Oath of Darkness"

It was so long ago, in the south of France
There was an old woman
Her name was Angel de la Barthe
There was no faith of God in her eyes
Envy overtook her soul
Black thoughts of revenge passed her mind
"They will lose their treasures to me"

In the black of night,
In the dark deep forest
A black sabbath takes place
Invoking the devil
She invokes his black apparition,
Hoping to reach an agreement of blood.

"I want the women of Toulouse, to lose their children,
And I want to know the experience of childbirth."
"For this I will give you a son who will be my heir,
In return, I will have your soul as well as your flesh,
As many times... as long... as I want

The invocation was completed
Tomorrow to return
To sign the agreement in ink and blood,
But the most important...
In flesh...

Her fantasy was to fuck the devil
And now, her fantasy will become reality
Track Name: Signatum in Carne Est
"Signed in Flesh"

The agreement was signed
Her soul is now his property
Now that her will shall come true
She must confirm
By signature
And in flesh
She must give a child,
An heir to his unholy throne

Shouts of joy resound
From deep within her throat
The devil is coming
As their flesh joins
And as he is in pleasure
He moans a cry of Hell
He left her to bleed

"I will return for my son" he said,
As he disappeared
Now she has the devil's seed
To give birth to an heir for him
For his unholy throne

This is where her reverie
Becomes a nightmare
Track Name: Filius Diaboli
Angela daemonem lupicipitem serpenticaudatumque peperit et qui infantes solos consumpsit. Ea daemonem valde amavit, quia daemon potuit thesauros inimicos Angelae interficere tam efficienter. Una nocte autem, daemon fugit et Angela discoperta est. Ante occasum proximum, annihilata erit.

"Son of the Devil"

Angele gave birth to a wolf-headed and serpent-tailed demon which only ate infants. She greatly loved the demon, for it could kill the treasures of her enemies so efficiently. However one night, the demon fled and Angele was discovered. Before the next sunset, she will have been reduced to nothing.
Track Name: Culpa
Track Name: Ignis Gehennae

Avant Angele!

"And now she is to die by the flames of justice
We will celebrate the end of her life
No longer will our women live in fear
The witch shall die!
Let us rejoice in the loss of life!
Christianity dominates!
No more do we live in fear!"

"How could they have found me?
I thought he would protect me!
He lied to get my flesh!
And now they found me!
I will die by their flames,
In horrible agony and pain
Nothing can stop them now
My demon child has runoff
My darling...
I'm sure they have found him,
And taken his life.
Tomorrow is the day that I am to die
I have to prepare for death
Look it in the eye
And spit in its face.
The day has come ...
Of my execution ...
I walk toward the stake...
And within I'm about to die ...
No... how can I die?
My work is not done...
My evil must be carried out...
Satan, spread your evil to the world!"

The fire consumed her body...
Cries came from her neck...
The pain would not escape...
Her charred body left grotesque...

Her child is not dead...
Track Name: Legatum Daemonicus
"Demonic Legacy"
Track Name: Antecantamentum II
Overture II
Track Name: Accusatio Mortifer
"Deadly Accusation"

Many centuries ago,
Many winters since.
Once a happy family,
It's so tragic how they died.

A duke bent on keeping,
Absolute control,
Demanded a show trial,
To display his power.

A criminal was caught,
He claimed to practice witchery with the family.
And never would they be let go,
From the clutches of the Holy Roman Empire.

In the middle of the night,
They were pulled from their last ever sleep in their beds.

They must have wondered why,
But who truly knows...

There was nothing that could save them from,
Their ultimate fate.

They were as good as dead.
Track Name: Damnatio ad Ignis
"Condemnation to the Fires"

They confessed to all crimes they were accused of,
After being mercilessly tortured.
Strung up by the arms and weighted down,
To ensure the snapping of tendons.

Brutal torture of an innocent family,
With hot irons and poles.
Brutal torture of an innocent family,
And the youngest would bear witness to it all.

The torture became so brutal,
They named over ninety names.
Names of some...
...which didn't even exist.

Brutal torture of an innocent family,
With hot irons and poles.
Brutal torture of an innocent family,
And the youngest would bear witness to it all.
Track Name: Familia Moribunda
"Family Approaching Death"

They were led through,
A path to their destruction.
In the Falcon Tower.
On this, their last day of life.

The bond between a mother and her son,
A sacred bond, never to be touched,
Unfortunately for them,
On that day, it was to be violated.

They cut off the mother's breasts,
And then forced them, bloody,
Onto the faces of the sons,
A truly fucked up sight.

And for their father, seen as the leader,
A horrible and rarely used at the time punishment awaited.
A large, sharpened wooden pole,
Was stuck into him.

And finally, for Anna and the two eldest sons
A pyre of execution
The smoke filled their lungs
As they screamed
And all that remained of the family
Was the youngest

But after that day there was another pyre
And among those burned was the youngest son of Pappenheimer
An innocent family ended
Sons, husband, and wife
The price of superstition is human life.
Track Name: Lacrimate Pro Damnatis
"Weep For the Condemned"
Track Name: Epilogus